How can I change my domain?

I am using the domain, but I will buy another domain,, how do I change it on my site, without having to redo the site?

One way is to add the new domain as a parked domain

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How can I do this?

Add to parked domain within the VPanel

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Hi do you have purchased ?

Hi, yes, i bought that domain.

I think the domain is already pointed to a hosting service

I think this article may be of use to you:

And perhaps this one as well:

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This one I managed to solve. But I have a problem, despite having the SSL certificate correctly, it is giving an error, which is damaging many things on my site, the error is this:

This makes it impossible for me to even use OpenGraph, and having the previews on social networks, the Facebook tool says the same thing:

The WP Health Check SSL errors are normal, but I’ve yet to see any real issues occurring because of it.

Facebook OpenGraph may not like the SSL certificate, but OpenGraph won’t work here even if you have a full SSL chain.

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