How can i change DNS names of domain?

How can i change DNS names of domain?

I need to setup:
NS1 :
NS2 :

For this domain:

You cannot change NS records on InfinityFree subdomains.


Can i do it on premium ifastnet?

I need to make redirection to another domain, for POST/GET requests without JS. How can i do it? The paid method would work for me, too

As long as you are redirecting an actual user, you can do that on free hosting.

I do not think that premium hosting has this limitation on it.


Our free hosting subdomains cannot be hosted elsewhere, that’s by design. But you can direct subdomains of your subdomain to another provider using CNAME records if the new provider supports that.

So you can direct, say,, but not itself.

Premium hosting lets you migrate your free subdomains over, and includes more DNS controls so you can set NS records on the sub-subdomain instead. But again, it’s not possible to redirect the base subdomain.


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