How can I automatically redirect http to https with this service? It's awesome!

Hello, I’ve got cloudflare working on my website. I was on it before, so I just deleted the account and turned it on here, but it’s working so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Anyway, how can I automatically make it redirect to https? Please help.


You using Cloudflare from cPanel or

Go-to Cypto setting- turn on Automatic Https Redirect

cPanel. not

It is most recommended to use CloudFlare integration, Not cPanel.
But Still, goto - login - reset my password - enter your hosting email id - click on email link - change password - login in dashboard - cypto - set the desired settings


Alright, thanks!

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OK, as you said before, how do you use Cloudflare integration. It’s breaking EVERYTHING. Subdomains, MX Records, and other important pieces of my website.

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