How can I add an subdomain to cloudflare

I know how I could to it directly in cloudflare but it says " DNS Records

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the Byethost "

Any tips?

You could disable the Cloudflare integration from our control panel and add your domain name to Cloudflare directly. That way, the DNS records aren’t managed by us anymore, so you can make changes yourself.

Thanks for they reply, cloudflare said that I should change my dns name servers from "ns1.byet to their dns and remove the other If I do that my domain does not work with infinityfree anymore right? Cant I have 50% of the nameservers cloudflare and 50% byet? Or is there another solution? I think subdomains are a very important feature!

Never mix different sets of nameservers, unless you’re 100% sure the results are exactly the same for both sets of nameservers. If you use both our nameservers and Cloudflare’s nameservers, then half of the time your subdomain will be and won’t be accessible, and your website will be served through Cloudflare half of the time and the other half of the time by our servers directly.

You can use Subdomains with Coudflare, but not with our control panel integration. If you sign up with Cloudflare directly, you can use subdomain, but you need to make sure you update the DNS for the subdomains yourself.

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