How can ı add a domain to infinityfree without nameservers

Hi my website ı change a record to infinityfree’s record.

But it says Error Adding Domain…

what can ı do?

my website is in cloudflare

This shd help…

Your domain need to point to and first.


hi ı cant control my domains nameservers only cloudflare records.

Can you access your domain registrar?

Pls try adding now

no unfortunately

Who is your domain registrar?

ı cant

Microsoft Azure but i cant access

Azure is a cloud storage / hosting solutions as I know. Now your Website redirects me to which makes me think it is working.

I put a record of what infinityfree gave me in control panel

If you can set NS record to and, it might work

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But, His domain already points to IF or other IFastNet provider because his domain is redirecting to

like ı said ı cant access to change nameservers

That can happen if you point the domain name to one of our website IP, but the domain name is not assign to an active account on that IP address.

So if @CrawLTR added DNS records pointing it to the website IP of another account they have with us, that would explain the redirect.

How to fix it? Add the domain to an account! How to add the domain to an account? Change the nameservers and add it through the control panel!

Which brings me to the main question:

Then you can’t host the domain here. It’s that simple.

Unless you transfer it to a registrar which does allow you to control your domain name, of course.

I’m a bit surprised as to why you can’t. I know Cloudflare doesn’t let you change nameservers, but I didn’t know Azure had the same restrictions.


he said he cant… idk why tho

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