How Add CName Records

I have no idea how to follow the instructions below

" To use your domain in smart links and ad campaigns, you will need to point it to our servers. You do this by creating the following record in your domain’s DNS settings:

Host (or Hostname): @
Points To (or Target): "

InfinityFree does not support adding CNAME records for the root domain.
If using a custom (sub)domain (one not provided by InfinityFree) you can use Cloudflare to do this, otherwise this functionality is not supported.


DNS itself does not support adding CNAME records to the root domain. The DNS protocol specifications forbid it. Most clients support it anyways, but most servers don’t allow it.

If you want to host a custom domain with fanlink, I’d recommend to use Cloudflare as well because their CNAME Flattening feature works around the limitation of DNS. Hosting a free subdomain with them is not possible, because our free subdomains can only be used with our hosting.


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