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I have a question and it is: if I change to another hosting and I migrate my website to that hosting, only the files of the website are migrated or everything i mean the account because I don’t know if the emails for example are also migrated because I have accounts with those emails and I’m afraid that all that will be lost. Is the certificate also migrated? Or do I have to generate a new (SSL) certificate?

Hello there,

Everything will be migrated if you request iFastNet to do so this includes MySQL databases and such. Well InfinityFree has already deprecated the email feature a while ago so there’s really no emails to migrate/transfer for as far as I know.

Yes it will be lost but IFastNet offers easy SSL tool.

You need to generate a new ssl if you will have a new registered domain from ifastnet.

No it doesn’t, you can still get your SSL certificate in the Control Panel specifically in the SSL/TLS settings where you can still get your SSL certificate key and private key.

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If you’re migrating to another hosting provider, then the content that’s being migrated is the content that you’re migrating, isn’t it? If you’re only copying the files and nothing else, then you won’t migrate the databases or SSL certificates. If you do also copy those, then you’ll migrate them too.


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