does i can host angular 2 project here using only free hosting service.if answer is yes then suggest me way or steps please…

The only way is to try by yourself.

I think you can! As far as I know, Angular 2 is just a browser Javascript framework, which means any service which can serve static HTML files can be used to host a frontend Javascript application.

But when hosting such apps with us, there are few things to be considered:

  • Our servers don’t have NodeJS, NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Webpack or other development tools for Javascript installed. So any pre-processing or minification must be done somewhere else before uploading to code to your account.
  • If your application uses a backend service, note that the only backend programming language supported is PHP. Also, if you’re hosting the backend service with us, it MUST be on the same domain as the frontend application. So you cannot put the frontend on and the backend on (the backend should then also be on

And as for “how”, just pre-process the code on your own computer and upload the files over FTP. Easy peasy.

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