Hosting without nameservers

Hello, I know it’s not possible to host a domain without first pointing the domain servers to the applicable severs, but my domain registrar won’t let me change them. Is it possible that you could use theirs?? The domain is from Cloudflare and can only use their nameservers. I don’t feel like transferring the domain to another registrar and then back again. Help!


Please read this thread

Well, please look for other hosting provider then


If you add InfinityFree’s nameservers as NS records for the domain, are you allowed to add it (either via the client area or the control panel)?


I’ve never tried that, but as far as I know that wouldn’t work as it needs to be a core nameserver change for InfinityFree’s system to recognize it, and that would be against Cloudflare’s TOS for domian name registration (and isn’t made possible anyways) As a workaround though you could create an InfinityFree account with a free subdomain and create a cname record that points your domain name to it. It arguably wouldn’t be ideal, but it would allow you to use the domain you’ve bought, without having to transfer it to another registrar.


What’s legally allowed is irrelevant if it’s technically impossible. I doubt that Cloudflare’s domain registration ToS specifically forbids the use of third party nameservers, because not specifying that doesn’t entitle you to have that ability.

That’s not going to work. A CNAME record is only a DNS level alias, not a website level alias. All it will do is point the domain name to the website IP. But unless the domain in question is actually linked to a hosting account on that IP, the server has no idea which website or account should be shown on the domain, so you’ll just be redirected to the suspended domain page.


Interestingly enough actually, it does:

Ah, i stand corrected, but you should be able to use a URL redirect, which I know from experience works (or at least used to). But ultimately you’d probably be better off transferring the domain to another registration company. You can always point it back to Cloudflare later with nameservers if you change your mind.


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