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The getting started section of the website suggest using a web editor and then connecting it to be able to host your website. But there are no directions as to how to connect a website created on a web editor and host it here.

If someone can please direct me to the directions. Or if they’re no directions please let me know how to do so.



Next time you should READ the question before reply. As I already said, I’ve read this and it does not answer my question.

I assume you’re talking about the getting started section of the control panel.

That’s written by IFastNet, the providers of the control panel. There is supposed to be a website builder, KoPage, but it’s so outdated that the InfinityFree administrators just removed it.

Newer versions of KoPage are available, but aren’t compatible with free hosting.

If you want to use a website builder, I recommend installing WordPress via Softaculous, and installing the plug-in PageLayer.

If you choose a WordPress template in softaculous then PageLayer is automatically installed for you.

If you were talking about using downloadable website building software, then it’s the software that should give you info on how to upload your site.


Like WP or something that is installed on the server.

You just upload it’s files to the server. If your talking about sites like Wix, Weebly, or Webnode, they are separate, and are not compatible here (As the owners of those sites want you to buy their hosting so they can make money).

Let us know if you need additional help.


Perhaps you should WRITE clearly FIRST. A lot of times people claimed to have read when they do not even read at all. Vague questions invite vague answers…


If you would have read the articles shared by @KangJL then you will find this section:

and the next article shared by him guides you to upload those files so that your website can go live.

If you are looking for help then respect those who are trying to help you. Articles shared by him clearly answers your question.

You can also use built-in page builder through vPanel but as said before by others it is outdated.
There is no way to connect other builders.
You can try WordPress and use elementor, divi or any other page builder.


I was clear. Please keep your condescendingness to yourself I didn’t come here for this. If you didn’t come here to help, leave.

Thank you for the clarification. I have figured it out, I was confused because the getting started page suggested using web builder sites that are not compatible here.

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I went through the getting started section myself on vPanel and I nowhere find such wordings.

and then this section

The suggested articles guide you through the same steps if I am not mistaken.
Seems like you misunderstood that getting started guide in vPanel.
Also, no such information in infinityfree getting started guide.


The reason you get vague answers is because you ask a vague question. Every “web editor” is different so every “web editor” has a different way of installing and publishing sites.

There isn’t even a uniform definition of “web editor”, so I don’t even know what kind of software you’re using.

With the questions you asked, the articles linked to by @KangJL are as specific as we can be.

If you want help on how to publish a site with your “web editor”, can you please tell us exactly which software you are using so we can help you?


I think it is Weebly. But you can’t run that here.


No you were not. You said “Web Editor”. That could be anything:

Than you should have given specifics. You should have told us what editor, otherwise we have no clue what you are trying to do (see above).

Where does it say that? Could you give us the passage so we can correct it?

Your welcome. Glad you figured it out.

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