Hosting Ruby on Rails app

If I upgrade my account can I host Ruby on Rails app in production mode to Infinityfree? Also, can I install custom gems, like in heroku? For example, I like to use sqlite3 in development mode and postgresql for production mode. Is that kind of thing supported?

Yes I think but you can view all details here about premium plans:

Can’t find any details about Ruby on Rails in the link you shared…

Yes. Ruby on rails is included. You needed to open the comparison table

If you need more details about premium plans you can open a ticket on


Thanks a lot! BTW, can I get a guide on how to push my app (e.g., in heroku I am used to git push heroku master) ? I can purchase and recommend others using infinityfree if it supports rails.

InfinityFree only supports PHP as a server side programming language. iFastNet’s premium hosting does include support for Ruby, but in my experience the Ruby integration for cPanel is a bit of an after thought and doesn’t work anywhere near as nicely as it does on Heroku.


Thanks for the info

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