Hosting nodejs application

i want to host my Nodejs application but i dont understand how to do it

Here we go again… -_-


In continuation of what @anon77371365 said, you cannot host node.js with us, we only have PHP for backend, you should either use something like Heroku or or upgrade to premium which has node.js among other available programming languages such as python and php.


Yoooo, u used me post :smiley:

It also has ruby on rails (if anyone uses that XD, I haven’t seen it as popular, really)!

You cant.


Node JS is, in its simplest, just JavaScript run as a server on your computer. It listens for requests (if you tell it to, otherwise it’s just like another computer program), and serves the request based on of what you tell it to do. This requires installation. You can’t just name a file “.js” and expect it to run. Infinity Free uses servers located who knows where (probably Ifast knows), that host your application and respond. These servers have PHP installed, so you can use PHP.

In order for you to use Node JS here, you would need Infinity Free to install Node JS onto their servers, which they aren’t doing right now (or maybe ever, but I doubt it. Eventually computers will be come so advanced we could store terabytes into a square nanometer or square centimeter… possibly. Or Infinity Free shuts down, as most companies do over time).


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