Hosting issue: Many sites are showing incorrect content

Many sites are showing incorrect content

Since the 1st of August at 15:27 UTC, it appears that many websites hosted here are displaying incorrect content.

Which components are affected by this issue

It appears that many sites hosted here are displaying incorrect content, which has been reported to be in Arabic, a site about selling scraps, or a site in Portuguese with “lorem ipsum” placeholder text. It appears that as of 16:25 UTC, FTP is not affected and nor is the Client Area ( or the Control Panel ( Additionally, it seems that the files on websites remain in-tact and not corrupted, however this is solely for my account.

What issues may you see

On many free subdomains, you may see a page similar to the ones visualized below.

Fig. 1: The site in Arabic as described above.

Fig. 2: The site about selling scraps, as described above.

Fig. 3: The site in Portuguese with “lorem ipsum” placeholder text, as described above.

Currently, it seems that custom domains (at least those proxied through Cloudflare) are unaffected. This may continue to be the case or they may become affected too, I cannot tell.

When will this issue be resolved

We are doing our best to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to tell how soon that will be.

What can you do to fix this

You could try purchasing a custom domain name and moving your website over to it; however, this may not solve the issue, and it may further break your site. So, for safety’s purpose: at this time, there are no known workarounds.

Just a note – as me, a user

I am not an administrator nor am I in any way responsible for the fixing issue. Additionally, I am not an employee of InfinityFree–I never have been, and I never will be.

I created this topic to inform other users of the issues occurring because Admin is currently away.

We are aware of the issue and are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

I completely understand that this may cause confusion and you will have additional questions. I am happy to provide any information I have to help you.

However, to keep the contents of this topic clean, clear and concise, I ask that you carefully read the Outage Communication Rules before posting.

In a nutshell:

  • Please keep the posts about the outage in this topic, and all posts not about this outage outside of this topic.
  • Please post relevant questions only that have not been answered yet. It may be compelling to ask obvious questions like “when will this be fixed”, but basic information like that will be put in this message as soon as we know it.
  • Please carefully check the known symptoms and affected components.
    • If you are on the affected components, you are almost certainly affected by the outage. If so, please refrain from simply stating you are affected, it does not help get your service back up faster.
    • If you are not on the affected components but do experience all of the symptoms, please say so below so we can check if our list is incomplete.
    • If you do not experience all listed issues and are not on the components that are known to be affected, the issue you are experiencing is most likely not related to this outage. If so, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.
  • If you say you are affected by the outage, please always include your website URL. I can’t check if you are affected by the outage if you don’t say which of your websites is affected.

Posts that do not follow these rules may be deleted without warning. This is to help ensure that all the relevant information is easily available to everyone reading this topic.


Update as of August 1st at 16:58 UTC:

  • Some sites are also redirecting to
  • Some sites are back with their correct content.

Update as of August 1st at 17:56 UTC:

  • Some sites show “404! We couldn’t find that page!”
  • To me, it seems that the issue is mostly resolved.

However, it seems this issue is still ongoing.
We still do not know the cause of this issue or when it will be resolved.


As far as I can tell, all issues are resolved. I still have no idea what happened. I have asked iFastNet for additional information, and will provide a post-mortem if I can.

Regarding a few reports I’ve read:

I have seen one report of this, from a site with fairly sophisticated code and a big .htaccess file. I have not been able to verify correctly whether this is a hosting problem or a problem with the website itself.

Again, I’ve only seen one single report. In that case, the directory of the domain name in question was missing, which can also result in the 404 error.

7 Likes are also redirecting to arabian page

PS: it showing correct page on!!!

Arabian page is what I see for the first visit.

Subsequent visits will show this instead

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Hmm… Maybe, admins solved that

It seems that this issue has been fixed.