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Sorry to bump a 4 years old topic but is there an option to only buy specific features of the hosting rather than paying for the whole bundle?? For example PHP Mail, Email Accounts, and Cross Website requests so that I can enable API access of one of my website.

Unfortunately no. The free hosting infrastructure is simply not setup to support these things, and it’s not possible to adjust them on an account basis without a pretty major overhaul to the system.


Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s sad to hear a no but as a developer I understand the changes that will be needed to do to implement this. Many thanks.

Please understand that free hosting and premium hosting are completely separate. Different servers, different control panel, different underlying software.

Before it would be possible to do what you would like, we’d first have to build ALL premium features into the free hosting platform that are not available with free hosting right now.

It’s not just “having to make changes”, it’s that we’d basically need to build a completely new hosting platform.


I understand @Admin and It is a great free service you are providing here. I understand that due to abuse of system usage it needs to be limited to allow equal access to all users on the platform. I’m enjoying and using this free service for many years now and I have published my websites without any trouble here. Good free services like infinityfree are hard to find these days. You are doing an awesome job. Many thanks.

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