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Your account was Temporarily Suspended

Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account is in the queue to be reactivated and will be reactivated momentarily.

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I noticed that one of the services which I had deactivated earlier was now showing MySQL hosting limits. After waiting almost 2 months, it is still stuck on suspended. I cannot reactivate it manually which I should be able to do since I deactivated the account manually, however, I think there must have been a conflict between my manual deactivation in the client area and the automatic suspension system which may have caused my account to be stuck in the suspended state.

Your observation is spot on, that’s exactly what happened. And the annoying consequence is that neither the automatic reactivation or manual reactivation works as it should.

Just to be clear, what exactly do you want to happen to the account? Would you like to reactivate it or would you like to completely delete it?


I would like it to just be deleted if that’s possible please.


If you just want your account to be deleted, you can just wait. All suspended/deactivated accounts are deleted after 60 days, so within a week or two your account should be gone as well.

The account already doesn’t have any domain names assigned to it, so it’s not blocking your domain names from being used elsewhere.


Oh alright great, thanks for the clarification.

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