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Basically, I must have changed my nameservers a while ago, on this site that I do not use (lack of know how) and logged in to InfinityFree with a lost password/reset with no problem.
Now I have : “The domain is assigned to an InfinityFree account, but not an account owned by you”
So it’s here, but where ? #HelpPlease

Maybe you have multiple account with IF (against terms)? Check those maybe.

**Not my intention. The question I asked was, Where IS my Dot Com? As IF I would try to use multiple accounts? #HuH where’s the sense in that? So WhY was I allowed to create a log-in using my Identical email address, and not have it flag up that I was already a member, and had I lost my password??
Now, as it didn’t do that, and I now have this New account, I haven’t a hope in hecks chance of remembering, or log-ing into the original account, with a LOST and completely FORGOTTEN password?
The only way now I can see my way out of this, is point my dns elsewhere, sit here with my new log-in, and transfer it back again?
Or if someone in Here, can find my ONE and ONLY ?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. The only way for this to happen is if the domain is on a different account than the one you are currently logged into. The system will not let you create a second account with the same email unless you deleted the first account.

Do you have two email accounts that are similar (Like [email protected] and [email protected]) and perhaps used a different one?

When Admin comes online he will be able to give you more information about what is happening, and which account this domain belongs to.

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No, I only have the one e-mail that I have had for many many years, which I also use for my GoDaddy account.

If that is the case, only the admin can check the domain lies in which account (which he may not disclose publicly.)

On the account you created two years ago. It has the same email address as your current account, but with instead of your current provider.

That seems hard to believe, given that this account is brand new.

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