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Hey there.
I’m just wondering if I’m able to turn off something that allows a browser/pkg manager to preview a file such as a txt file in the browser rather than forcing it to download? Please help.

Free hosting is meant for web hosting, not file hosting

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web hosting is also file hosting. checkm8.

Did you read this when you sign up for free hosting?



While it is a type of file hosting, each web hosting provider has the right to limit what you can and can’t do with their services.

If you read the Terms of Service, which you are legally bound to, you would know that InfinityFree does not allow file hosting.


You can control how a browser loads a file by adding a Content-Disposition header to the response. By setting this to “attachment”, you tell the browser the file should be downloaded and not viewed.

Here is an example from StackOverflow on how to do this in PHP:


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