Hosting a membership website!

I want to host a membership website. a few points to note:

  1. this is a college project
  2. not much of members would be joining just me and my team
  3. the site won’t be active for more than a year.
  4. this site is just being created for demonstration purpose to present as a project and not to be used as a professional website.

I wanted to know if i am permitted to create a membership website or if you have some policies against it.

I think you will get all answers for your question’s in this Terms page.

Should be fine… image


Since I’m creating a free websites so i was thinking to implement chatbox and filesharing feature as I am creating it to present as a demo of a university owned social networking site by but they come for a cost I’m not willing to go for currently. so I guess i would be fine

Filesharing isn’t allowed. Same with php chatscripts, but js chatscript embeds are allowed


I’ve not logged into vpanel for 120 days and site is still active, it’s based on site visiting count actually.


Nope, account activity is solely based on website traffic. If you check your website once per month but never login to the control panel, your website can stay active forever.

But the other answers were correct: having a registration and login system on your site is no problem. Having people use your site for file hosting/sharing and live chats is not allowed, because they use way too much disk space, bandwidth, server power and so on.


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