Hostgator Domain Name for InfinityFree Hosting (Please help me on this issue)

I’m opening this call here because the site only has ready answers and they don’t answer my question and they don’t answer my problem.

I searched the internet for a complete Tutorial for me to point my Domain on Hostgator to the InfinityFree Hosting provider…

I put there the InfinityFree website o Domain (namely it gave this message, as also in the internet Tutorial. See you all right:


Then I continued on the InfinityFree website and entered the account password,

and clicking on the following button, gave this ERROR message,

that according to the Tutorial that I followed, it meant that I needed to insert these two NAMESERVER there on the site where my domain is, that is, Hostgator:


So I went to the Hostgator website and inserted, following the Tutorial, the NAMESEVERS

BUT WHEN I CLICKED TO SAVE it gave this message:


And because of that, I contacted Hostgator and they informed me that the problem is with InfintyFree that the Hosting site is not accepting the Domain, and they sent me these prints confirming the REFUSAL.


I no longer know what to do, or who to turn to to solve this problem, I’ve been running for 6 days and the problem still hasn’t been solved.

(other information and details relevant to your question)

Sorry, but TLD can’t work here.


What is TDL
  ^ domain ^  ^ TLD ^

Imagem da depois subir o dominio da Hostgator no outro site hospedagem e a tela em que outro site pede pra colocar os Namesever:

Imagem do ERRO que aparece no Hostgator:

Imagem da recusa que aparece na consulta do suporte da Hostgator:

The error that’s giving you says that you need to check your HostGator’s registered data.
Have you done that?
If not, see this guide (in Portuguese):

After doing that, try changing the nameserver again.

The errors shown on the InfinityFree dashboard and are from that they could not find the nameserver.

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Once again, domains cannot be hosted here due to resteictions.

There is nothing you can do to change that.


For reference, this is the KB article that describes the issue:


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