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aG9zdGZvcnVtLnJmLmdk, aG9zdGZvcnVtLmNm
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I got suspended becuase of forum I think. Also my ProFreeHost account got suspended.

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Can you unsuspend it please.

For those that don’t want to do more then they have to:

The first domain is not on InfinityFree, but the second domain is suspended. You have been on the forum long enough to know how it works, we can’t unsuspended your account, we can only help you understand why it was suspended. If you want us to help you, tell us the reason for the suspension.

I was transferring files to the InfinityFree FTP server on using FileZilla. And then I went to bed. And then I check my email when I wake up.

Looks like your email address may have been blacklisted by the entire MOFH network.


If you want to learn more, follow what the big red banner says. We cannot help you here.


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