Is * 250 GB Bandwidth enough for 50 000-100 000 page views monthly?
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How big is your site? That’s enough for a simple HTML page, but not a complex PHP application.

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It is about sport news
i can delete some old posts after some time
currently is suspended but tomorrow you can see :

That does not help me. Is it a WordPress site? How many plugins/extensions/themes?

Yes it is WordPress. 7 8 plugins 1 theme

Yes it is fine. As long your traffic wont bombard to a peak. WordPress should be working great with premium hosting. The number of plugins and themes doesn’t matter. But specialist advice to keep them to a minimum of 15 plugins.

Thank you a lot bro. Today i will upgrade it!

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It’s impossible to guarantee any number of page views for a given amount of bandwidth. It depends on the size of the page, how your caching is setup, whether the visitors are new or recurring, whether you’re using Cloudflare, and so on.

Seeing how you’re asking it here, I’m going to assume you are currently on free hosting, and are not yet having 100k monthly page views right now.

So I would recommend to just get the premium plan and see how your bandwidth usage and page views develop over time. No need to build your website for tens of thousands of visitors when you only have ten right now, that’s just a waste of money.

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