Host Website with .de Google Domain for free


I’ve just made my first website (vanilla HTML, CSS; JS) and subscribed to a Google Domains plan offering a lot of useful features for just 7€ a year. But, there seems to be a slight catch. And so I need some advice from somebody being a bit more experienced with the whole hosting topic.

Here you can read from the article where the problem I have is explained: Google denies the InfinityFree nameservers when I try to update them because on those are no Glue Records for that domain yet, unfortunately InfinityFree needs this process to verify the ownership of the domain.

This seems to only be an issue for some domain endings (like .de …), does somebody know why?
And, more important, how can I use my domain to host my website somewhere for free, if it really is not possible here? Or are there similar “full-stack” solutions (domain & hosting), which are not much more expensive and offer the same features?

Thanks for help,

Unfortunately, you cannot host a .de domain here because of the way the .de Registry works and the way our system works.

Read more here:


Yes, that’s what I found out as well :sweat_smile:

But do you know any other hosting solution to make things work?

Maybe GitHub Pages or Netlify or something of the like… I don’t really know.
But all of those are static options, which means no PHP/NodeJS/etc. stuff like that.


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