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I contacted domain support and they told me what you provided is wrong and I should contact you.

That’s exactly what they told me
"Dear client,

we will try to provide clarity so that you can take the path to resolution.

The name server change procedure requires that during the change the registry performs checks on the zone managed through the name servers you intend to set up, if there is even one anomaly/inconsistency in it the procedure fails and the change fails.

As has been indicated to you by your colleague Piero, you can independently verify through the link we have provided the reason for the failure of the procedure.

As you will be able to see from the attached images the name servers that they have provided you and that you are trying to set up are not accepted because of the attached problem related to the DNS zone connected to them, hence the inability to successfully complete the name server change.

This check is finally not done by Keliweb, it is an external and standard procedure that all providers must perform, so the only solution is that you ask the provider who provided you with the name servers for a verification and contextual resolution of the listed problems.

Once you have received feedback to this effect, before attempting to change the name servers again, we suggest that you verify the validity of the name servers in the manner we indicated earlier: you will then be able to get quick feedback about the feasibility of the operation.

Once you have been successful, you can change the name servers with the certainty that the procedure will be successful.

Hoping to have been of help and to have clarified possible doubts, we wish you a good continuation of the evening."


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