Host Login - Password Reset

I need to reset the hosting account password to add DNS to change my primary email address for my alias management for this domain.

I log into the control panel with my epiz_33754030 username and password but log into the client area with hidden by mod (PII)

Website URL

Error Message

Unable to login to your hosting account. Please verify you can login to the control panel from the Control Panel button in the client area. If this doesn’t work, please reset your hosting account password through the Account Settings in the client area.

Other Information

Trying to make changes to DNS and get the error when I click on the manage button from the DNS Records page.

This is what you need to do.

Are you having trouble finding this option or using it?


Having trouble finding it I guess. I’ve reset my password in a couple of areas. In the client setting area and on the VP panel. Neither seemed to be the correct spot.

Resolved - Caught chasing my tail. :upside_down_face:


Another quick question, can I add a TXT entry? I see CNAME, MX and SPF, it says txt is an option “Free hosting only comes with limited DNS controls. You can set up MX and TXT records for domains you host, and most CNAME records.”

The SPF Records section used to allow arbitrary TXT records too, but that was fixed recently. That text is outdated.

Don’t ever change the password through the control panel directly. Doing that will cause the exact issue you had: it will break many client area features because the password is not synced back to the client area.


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