Host Game Server on infinityfree, is it possible?

What I’m seeing is:

Is it possible to host, for exemple, a minecraft server on infinityfree ?
Just a question, thanks :slight_smile:

Minecraft servers can’t be hosted on free hosting. Doing like so can cause abuse of our services.

Not only is it not allowed, but it isn’t really possible. No accounts have access to Java, a command line, or any port outside of 80 (which is what’s used for websites). The server don’t have enough resources to handle it, and each accounts resources couldn’t handle it at all. InfinityFree is a web host, and like all web hosts (free or paid) it’s made for hosting websites, not game servers. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to go elsewhere. I’d recommend getting a VPS or use a host specifically for Minecraft (like I do).


Okay :slight_smile:

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