Host error 520

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Host error 520

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Throughout the day, the error occurs continuously, but not consecutively. Sometimes I log in directly without problems, but if I click on a link on Facebook, Google, or anywhere, it often gives me this error.

In general the problem occurs 70% of the time throughout the day

Please check this
Thanks in advance for support

I checked your site and it’s working fine now.

I don’t know why you’re seeing this issue. I don’t see any issues on our end.


Yes , it working well now . Thanks for your answer.
Always team on time with an excellent forum support


Problem occured again

Site May work when you press on link , but may not
But now the error increasing

Note : when i pressed two times on the link here it work one time and one no , also when i enter the url in brower bar
But i press on any backlink on social media, code error happens in all times
Also the site on googke search not reached with the same error

You can check by typing aiconvert in Google search. I didn’t know what is the reason fir such 521 host error

Thanks in advance

The website seems to working fine for me.


Check this please . Try this way . Thanks in advance

Thanks alot for your answer . My mentioned link here also working for me . But for example, the way in the metionrd video , error occurs as well as any backlinks on social media , and in different 4 browsers .

Also in the test ( in mentioned image ) it fails to be reached

Seems to be still working.


Thanks really for your trying to help

Problem and errors increased. I can’t work on my dashboard now with recurrent errors.
I don’t know what to do really

Waiting admin help

I cant use my dashboard because of recurrent host error code 521

Hi Zoooory,

It seems like your site is using way too many resources and this is what we see.

The web server is online and this is expected behaviour if you attempt to perform intensive computaiton tasks in a single request.

It sometimes works:

But it’s clear to me that the page has attempted a lot of database call to fetch all the data it needed to render.



I turned off proxy in cloudflare. This fix the problem . Thank you for your reply as well as infinityfree team

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Hi Zoooory,

Cloudflare proxy does not have anything to do with this error, your website still exhibits the same behaviour. You still need to check on your site.



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