Host Crash

I can’t access my site right now. I think it’s because of the server crash because I checked other people’s sites in the forum and I noticed that they were the same.


What is the URL of your site? You (and the others) could possibly be suspended.

EDIT: I think you’re onto something:

and I am not suspended. also appears to be down, iFastNet side error.

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It appears that it is in fact down. I cannot access my control panel even.


My website is down now. Look like hosting server crash or in maintenance mode without any notice. It’s my first time experience since sighed up last year. Just don’t know when it can be working normal again.

I think iFastNet was DDoS’ed. None of their sites load and look at this:

Edit: I think it went down ~2pm EDT see picture below:


yeah i think so i hope it gets fixed

That scare my domain and ssl are payments, I hope they fix it soon.

I think that everything is offline except for their site

Yes, all of iFastNet’s sites are down.,, all epiz domains, etc.

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oooo ok

Someone had some perspective or contacted the management team?

Facing same issue :frowning:

I am also facing this issue on - Cloudflare 522. seems to be fine though.
And here’s the joke: I was notified through a Google Search Console email.

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That’s cool!

For anyone new visiting this topic:

  1. All websites on InfinityFree are down
  2. Access to cPanel is not possible
  3. FTP is also down

For actual attention, admin has to come too :v
And it’s half past midnight in London, so admin isn’t coming for at least few hours :confused:

Direct IPs also aren’t refusing connections but just timing out. So it’s not a problem with the domains but with infrastructure.

I just hope it gets fixed by the morning.

sheesh… i just edited an htaccess file and a few minutes later my site was gone… i hate coincidences!!! hopefully the guys/gals running this joint can get it figured out before too long. i wish i could help :frowning: ooh… and thanks to the guys/gals that are probably going to be working late tonight on this WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!


yeah i caused my own outage earlier then was shocked when it was actually down, after i fixed everything today, lol


Same issue.
I was uploading some files and it stopped, I refreshed it and it wont open again “The connection was reset”.
Tried accessing cPanel and Filemanager, still no luck.
I thought it is just me. Lol

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Entering second hour of downtime…

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