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Hi, I want to host a subdomain (only on InfinityFree. So basically, I want to host on another host and host and on InfinityFree (separate accounts). I have been creating NS records but I don’t know if it’s correct. How can I achieve this, and is it allowed or possible?


I meant *(only and

sorry for the confusion

Here are my current records. should be added to hosting account by setting of nameservers

Once that’s done, proceed to create the subdomains ( and in the hosting account.

Let us know once this is done


The problem is @KangJL that I want to host my WP site on another provider, if I can migrate everything (plugins, template, text, media, etc) from my old hosting provider to Infinityfree I would do the way you are telling me.

Well you can do that. Once domain is added to hosting account and subdomains are created,
you can shift the base domain to whatever host you want

Only A/CNAME record is needed to maintain the subdomains created here



How can I shift the base domain? I created a account and created the two subdomains in the cPanel. Can I change my Nameservers to my other host? @KangJL


change the nameservers back to however you want them, then create an A record with the name of the subdomain, and the value of the IP address shown in the client area


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