Host a subdomain on InfinityFree without downtime

I’d like to point to , but the instructions I’ve found here on the forum involve temporarily changing the domain to point entirely to InfinityFree for a while before switching back.

I’d like not to have the interruption now, nor in the future if I create another subdomain.

Is there any way to configure my InfinityFree site to handle these requests from my epizy site?


It’s not possible to add your domain name here without changing your nameservers. While it can take 72 hours for DNS to propagate, it can take as little as a few minutes.

I would recommend putting up a maintenance notice on your site, then a few days later, change the nameservers, add the base domain and subdomain to your account, then change the nameservers back again.

And if you want to add more subdomains to a base domain that is already on InfinityFree, you don’t need to change your nameservers to do that.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable with the DNS hosting change and the downtime. Thank you anyway for replying so quickly.

would creating a cname of subdomain on your domain host pointing to work ?

No, that wouldn’t work. The CNAME record only takes care of the DNS part, i.e. pointing your domain to the same IP address of the free subdomain. While making the web request, all that happens is that the browser connects to the IP address and asks for a particular website. But if the server on the IP address doesn’t know which website is linked to the particular domain name, it’s not going to work.

The web server has no way to know which path was taken by DNS to resolve the domain name, or if such a path was taken at all (e.g. hosts file overrides or DNS cache).


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