Host 500 ERROR

Hey there, in my Host I have installed Wordpress and I stayed a while without updating my website, so when I came back I had 8 plugins to update, I was updating the 8 all at once, but when I did this, my site did not loads more and gets 500 error, I waited 4 days to see if I was overloaded to Host and see if it solved, but did not solve. Is there any way to resolve this error?
by the way, the link of my site is this:

Whether there is a way to solve this problem is all up to you. That’s because an error 500 means your website code is crashing.

Why does your website code crash? Your guess is as good as mine! But a good first step for you is to figure out the actual error message being generated:

So I was able to solve the problem thanks to you. And sorry for creating two discussions, I thought I had posted in the wrong area.