F.T.P. & File Manager…Back on.
lets hope it stays that way,
Time to create another website .



This looks great :ok_hand:


Yes ….Every things a BIG Problem


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@MAVELL, please note that titles should not contain any characters besides letters and punctuation. Also, please respond this in the official topic, instead of creating spam topics on the forum.

Edit: I am not trying to be a mod (As I am not one), I am just trying to inform you of the rules.


Stop pretending to be a MODERATOR

** " instead of creating spam topics on the form.**
Thanks "

OxyDac , is an Offical moderator + like wise Admin too
OxyDac has a Great website, and knows when to comment correctly, and when not too.

Your not a Moderator, but 90% of your reply posts, are telling people Not to do this , …or Not to do that…

I was happy that the F.T.P. error had been resolved.
but you accused me of SPAMMING !
Thats not professional

Think twice…act once… not the other way around.

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Not again :pensive:


First of all this is infinityfree’s forum, community. Basically. People come with problems and look for solutions. Everyday so many people post their problems and one admin and one mod’s are unable to handle this so many people (time to time). So every member who has experience with the topic-related issue, try to help other members. This is how the forum is running.

Now come to the point, @Greenreader9 didn’t say anything wrong. He just informed you or reminding you about guidelines. You can see his badge Regular. He replied approx every topic and tries to help others. You can’t not hurt him.

So I will suggest you be respectful to every member, don’t hurt anyone, be more friendly.


The reason why special characters and emojis should be avoided in the headlines it is because they are often in the service of drawing attention to a particular topic
and it is important that the forum is uniform and that no one bounces off it.

So please understand why I edited the title.

We’ve had a few users through these years who want to become moderators and then show too much authority unnecessarily in communicating.

It starts with the usual use of the word “we do not allow”
emphasis on “we”,
so that already in the construction of the sentence it turns out as if he/she were speaking on behalf of InfinityFree.

And then instead of being good hosts they become cops
who are just waiting for someone to do something wrong.

After that they begin to be too authoritative, probably out of a desire to show how they know.

But this act also devalues ​​the existing moderators,
because the moderators would have acted that way anyway regardless of whether someone wrote what should be done.

That is why it is best to use FLAG,
so I ask all users not to engage in discussions that only lead to unnecessary confrontations.
Please use flags instead and write the reason if necessary.



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