Home page link wont work all of a sudden

After I got a helpful pointer from Admin and my webpage was viewable. now all of a sudden my home page link doesn’t work from any of my other pages… also my webpage indicates that it is not secure. so I guess my questions are… how do I fix the home link issue and how do i make my website https rather than http.

For question 1, are you using Wordpress?
For question 2, go to cpanel and then set up cloudflare by clicking on the cloudflare button.

Both of those things would be a lot easier to check if we knew the URL of your website.

While this is a solution, this is not the solution. And in my opinion, it’s the worst one.

This is our official article about this:

If you want to use Cloudflare instead of managing your own SSL certificates, that’s fine. But our control panel integration has a very long list of issues, so I would highly recommend to sign up with Cloudflare directly and have them manage your DNS.


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