Home page active but all other pages dead

iv just uploaded a test site , with several pages linked to the home page, but as you can see, infinity can only activate the HOME PAGE
why cant it activate the other pages when the NEXT link is clicked ?

What do you mean? When I click these bars, the page does change. If this does not work for you, please clear your cache.

I am not sure what you mean by “activate”

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hi thanx for testing, but the hompage links only show, this page to me, dispite clearing cache,


Do ctrl+F5 on your PC. If this doesent work, just try a different browser/device.

thanx greereader, iv already tried ctrl+F5, to flush cache
very strange, still shows error, as if it cant see any other page except the hompage, maby i have to wait a couple of days for everything to stabilize, thanx again.

i joined infintiy to day, as 000webhost, shut down all there free websites yesrday, with a page saying, that WE, deleted our own website…maddness.

thanx greenreader9
all pages active xxx

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