Home directory not available


A few hours ago I’ve completed Wordpress installation and the website run well. Just now when trying to access the website, I get 404 error.

Logged in to InfinityFree File Manager, there is an error ‘Home directory not available - aborting’.

Please help.


Am having the same problem even when trying to connect via ftp account, it gives the same error

Yes, FTP too…

The reason you can’t access your home directory is because your not logged into it. If you try to login to the FTP it won’t work.

:frowning: I don’t believe that cause am loged in to it, and it shows the same thing, have even tried different browsers and as well as incognito browsing but still d same thing

Im having the same problem.

This issue “home directory not available” is normally very rare, but when it happens, it means that the main directory of the user account is gone. That’s why the FTP servers and webservers cannot find any files to load which is why both the website and FTP don’t work anymore.

To clarify: that would mean that your files are gone permanently and your account is corrupted beyond repair. If that happens, the best thing to do is to unpark your domains, close the account and start over.

That said, this many accounts being corrupted simultaneously has not happened before, so it may be that something else is going on.

However, since none of you bothered to include a username of a corrupted account, I can’t check it.

My username is epiz_20687982.

Question: If I unpark the domain and close the account. Can I use the same domain or should I wait for 90days?

epiz_20344429, I mentioned in an earlier discussion written by https://forum.infinityfree.com/profile/pjrodriguez were you ask about which account, I gave my user name as epiz_20344429. Talking about unpacking domain this have to involve loosing my site content as well and my user CVS. Have already loosed my site content in many occasions like this I don’t know you can help me, I don’t want to loose my site content again.

If no help for the problem pls tell me how to prevent this error next time. Thank you…

God infinityfree and bless this forum as well

Thank you all for the usernames, we’ll check them ASAP.

@pjrodriguez said:
My username is epiz_20687982.

Question: If I unpark the domain and close the account. Can I use the same domain or should I wait for 90days?

Unparked domains can be re-parked immediately.

Thank you.

Wow!! Nice to here that, which mean my content will still work perfectly when conducting a crone job?

Now working for me, thanks all the way


My username is epiz_20687648

OK, I’ve checked the usernames epiz_20687982, epiz_20344429 and epiz_20687648. However, FTP seems to be working fine from here.

Most likely, this was indeed not a full account corruption, but just a temporary issue which has already been resolved. If you do experience this issue again in a few days, please say so.