Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site...

I’ve read here about connection timeouts being experienced on some InfinityFree hosted sites. This was brought to my attention by my cousin in Peru. She requested my assistance as her site was not reachable. In order to make sure this wasn’t related to her settings or whatever I tried to access it unsuccessfully. I then tried my own site and my is down too.

Control panel on my end says my site is “Active”. I don’t know what’s on her control panel.

My site did not seem to have a problem as of a couple of days ago until I went there this morning. Needless to say I told my cousin the server was down and thought this was going to be just a temporary thing a few minutes long that would resolve on its own any time but it’s been all day now and I’ve noticed that the thread where this situations were being reported is closed now and also could not help to notice the dates. While a few sites have gotten restored, over two weeks after the few first cases were reported new instances are taking place i.e. my own site and my cousin’s. I don’t see there being any updates on that thread about the apparent cause but I’m concerned that if two weeks have gone by and yet new instances are taking place then I guess that this isn’t quite preventable and it might happen again with no warning or end in sight.

I would have preferred to email those concerns privately to support as I don’t want to look like I’m disparaging this absolutely great service but I would be grateful to have an update and learn what happened and how preventable it might be. I have business cards printed with the site and my cousin in Peru is also relying on her webpage for her business (she’s just starting and can’t afford paid hosting at the moment). One way or the other this situation worries me and I wonder if it is a mistake on my part to rely on a free service for my business.

Please advice.

Working fine on my end…

Yeah, they came back to life this morning. As of last night they weren’t reachable. I wonder if we have to report the sites one by one so that they get back online after support takes a look at what’s going on or if they are sweeping through the servers and that’s temporarily causing the issue. Whatever it is I’d like to know what happened. This two sites were out for an entire day.

Maybe this related to this issue
If not, I can tell it’s free hosting that didn’t guarantee you 24/7 uptime.

The “we’re having trouble finding that site” error is not caused by a website problem, but a DNS problem. Unfortunately, there appear to have been some issues with the nameservers causing them to respond incorrectly or not at all. More people have reported seeing such issues last night.

I’ve been told that the issue has been resolved now.

Thank your for your replies. For what I’m gathering it seems that DNS issues are handled by a third party so it might be difficult to share the nature of the issue. In the mean time I’m by no means an expert in any of these matters but I doubt that if this was a paid service there would have been much difference about being able to prevent a DNS problem. Could the down time be much shorter? That I’m curious about though something is for sure: Nothing beats free so the price is right.

Thank you and best regards

@Coller-Roaster said:
[…] I doubt that if this was a paid service there would have been much difference about being able to prevent a DNS problem. Could the down time be much shorter?

That’s hard to say. Nameserver issues could happen with any hosting provider. I don’t know enough about the nameserver infrastructure or the specific outage to tell whether this could happen on paid hosting as well, or whether it would take this long for the issue to be resolved. I’m not even sure how long the issue actually took.