hm main domain shows a weird site. doesn’t show my site. it shows some search page.

can we get that fixed? is the domain i signed up with.

it was on my addon domains but some how got removed.

anyway we can fix that?

i also can’t seem to use php mail function. it will not send anything out. i have no issue on another site.

is php mail function working properly?

Hello @xensor.

Are you sure that you have properly created your sub-domain? It only shows parked advertisements if the sub-domain doesn’t exist. Recheck if you have created it, but it may also have been like that because your account is suspended.

If you can see all the icons in your cPanel then it is not a symptom of suspension however if you only see few icons in your control panel then it means you are suspended.

Warm regards,


it was the domain i signed up with. i can get on cpanel.

if i go to: or it works. it shows what its suppose to show. the other domain dont. is parked for was the original domain i signed up with when i made my account. i am just trying to figure out if it will hurt my website since its not there anymore.

as i stated it takes me to a search site. with on it. is what it shows when i go to the site.

legacy isn’t a folder on my site.

also php mail isn’t working like it should be.

i am not getting emails properly. does not seem to be attached to any account. Can you please try adding it to your account again?

it wont let me readd it. but the php mail() is not working on my site tho.