Hits Limit Suspension

I have reloaded my page maybe 50 times and I’m already suspended ? What is the free account good for if I can’t do even the most basic testing please ?

Your InfinityFree account epiz_30357172 (Website for kfocus.rf.gd) has been temporarily suspended.

Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service. InfinityFree monitors the CPU, memory and hits usage (among others) of your account and temporarily deactivates your website if the limit is hit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically after 24 hours. For more information about why your account is suspended, check the client area.

Hits are counted as any resource loaded from the Infinityfree server. If you load 1000 assets every time you load your webpage, then you will be suspended (50000 hits max for free hosting). Or, you might load assets even after the page loads (AJAX/fetch).

You could have also gotten unknown traffic, or a DDoS attack (it’s always possible, stranger things have happened).

If you truly were the only person to visit your webpage and you only loaded it ~50 times, then I recommend you look at saving resources. Load images from an external hosting website, as well as other commonly re-used assets. Set up a cache rule (or use cloudflare) to ensure things that should be cached will be. Also, manage how many files you load per webpage visit. If you have multiple JS or CSS files, try merging them into one big one (or, if it’s too large, a few large ones. Try to go for the lowest file count possible).


I don’t know what happened on your account, but we recorded over 800,000 hits on your account yesterday.

So I don’t know what you (or others) were testing on your site, but it’s way too much for free hosting.

Refreshing a normal web page 50 times doesn’t generate this kind of traffic. Something else must be going on here.


To be honest, 800,000 hits for a beginners site is too much for pretty much any hosting website.

Like I said, @coachz, I highly recommend you manage your resources if you are loading lots of files from the server per visit.

I also recommend adding a DDoS protection if you are to expect things like this to happen often (assuming it was, in fact, an attack).

Cloudflare has a good one as far as I know.

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I just got an email saying I’m no longer suspended (24 hours later) and now the web site shows up but ftp doesn’t work.

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Initializing TLS…
Status: Verifying certificate…
Status: TLS connection established.
Command: USER epiz_30357172
Response: 331 User epiz_30357172 OK. Password required
Command: PASS ***************
Response: 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

Now it says I am suspended AGAIN and all I did was try to download by ftp ? HELP !!!

for your previous question regarding FTP

After your account has been created, or reactivated after a suspension, you may need to login to the hosting control panel once to enable FTP access to your account.


Thanks but now it says my entire account is suspended. I waited 24 hours from yesterday and all I did was try to ftp in and it suspended me again ! I’m getting extremely frustrated. Thanks for any help.

Yes - it is clear to me
you will, unfortunately, have to wait for the admin who will probably send a request (upstream) to ifastnet to investigate your case because, as it seems, there has been some error in the system that monitors “the limits” .


800,000 hits seems a bit too much and absurd. Errors are supposed to be rare, but tbh now it seems more and more convincing to me.

Even if in bulk though, wouldn’t they have hit the limit and been suspended way before? Or does it register hits even after suspension?

All I know is I was just building a SIMPLE menu in bootstrap and I got suspended. Now after 24 hours I still can’t get in.

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800000 hits normally mean a permanent suspension


WOW :boom: That is …

You maybe got DDOS’d i guess.

You can delete my account. I went with another host who has a clue how to run a server. This site sucks.

If you moved to another free host, please remember that they are probably using the same servers as InfinityFree and most free webhosting providers are resellers of iFastNet.

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I paid for a host. This free hosting is pathetic

You will keep saying that until that host experiences an error, potentially affecting you. You will quit in rage, saying that that host sucks, moving to yet another. Such chances of that happening is small, but it could happen. No host, no matter how much money you give them, will be error free. Money can buy better reliability, but it cannot eradicate mistakes or flaws completely.

Free hosting is more for a development environment or for small websites. If you wished to host your website to the public and expect a lot of visits, then by all means we are glad you moved. You were going to do more harm trying to make sure everyone can visit your website using this platform than if you were to just move to a paid hosting service.


I have done web dev for 25 years so I’m not a noob. All I was doing was building a bootstrap nav menu with NO content and I kept getting suspended. The support was unable to fix it and all I get is crap from you. The website I hosted at I have been using for over 10 years and have no real issues, plus I make backups so there is that. I was NOT making a public website but simply creating a NAVBAR menu and nothing else and this host failed miserably. Good luck but from MY PERSPECTIVE, the USER, this host sucks.

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800k hits is not just a website you were working on. I have no idea what happened here. Maybe some code gone wrong, maybe an attack on your website. However, since we don’t store the full access logs, we have no way to check.

After you said that our hosting sucks and is pathetic, even though, as far as we can tell, this is not a hosting problem? Is it surprising that people are coming in to defend it?

Friendly reminder to everyone: please keep the discussion respectful. No need to insult people’s intelligence just because you don’t agree with their opinion.