Hit limit and about the ddos attack

Looks like in this time we survived from ddos attack.
I have a question, what is 500k perma suspend thing? it is total limit? or in one time limit?

you are limited to 800.000 hits per month

Hi there,
we have a monthly cap of 800,000 hits on a free hosting account, and your free account has went over this. I am sorry your free account will not be reactivated, it was suspended due to having 800,000 hits in less than month, and needs to be upgraded to premium hosting.

I can only suggest upgrading your account to premium hosting using the link below :
Every paid account has significantly increased CPU limits, unlimited disk space, a free domain and hundreds of extra features:

If you need us to copy / migrate your free account data and domains to a premium account, then please reply to this ticket and confirm :
what is the paid invoice number ?
what is your free account cpanel log in username ?

then we will complete the migration for you as soon as possible after 10.00 UK time.

Best Regards

but this is not my fault ant 800 k hits 799 k is those hackers

and so wasnt minexaris’s, but he got suspended forever just for that

theres someone that is DDoSing any site posted here. Everyone is advised to only send the Username.

but my website didnt get 800k hit what are you talking about

If you reach that amount, every hosting account you have gets flagged for abuse

A hit is explained here. Its entirely possible that one visitor could cause quite a lot of hits.

If you exceed this, this will be an instant closure of all hosting accounts according to darknessX.


well, since it gets flagged for abuse, if one of your accounts is flagged for abuse all your accounts are affected from what ive seen

It depends on the reason. If you upload sketchy content, then we may suspend all accounts as a precaution so we can check each one of them before reactivating. But if you just hit a server load limit, then it’s only the specific account that’s taken down.

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