Hit counter going crazy?

The hit counter for my website is going crazy. It’s got a few PHP scripts but nothing crazy, plus im the only one that uses the site at the moment. It seems to be gaining 10K hits per hour. Im trying to develop the site at the moment but this means im only getting few hours a day to work on it before im being blocked out. Whats up?

I’m getting this also,
I think the problem is u visit your site many times even if it is just you ur daily hits will count it and and also I think daily hits is not just what your visitors view a page, it is what or how many files are being requested for your visitors.
you are using your site and your site is a blog and you want to upload a pic and when you upload the pic there are 13 files that are requested or used to execute for your command (the command is you pload the pic) and that 13 files that are requested will be counted to your daily hits counter and you get addition 13 daily hits.

@Admin tell me if I’m wrong

Even if that was the case, 10K hits per hour seems excessive. That’s equivalent to requesting 3 files per second / 167 files per minute…

Did you check the Access Logs for your account to see where the hits are coming from? All requests to the page should be logged in your account (check the file logs/<your domain>/access/04/15 with a file manager or FTP to view today’s logs) so you can check what’s going on.

Thanks Admin. Checking the logs highlighted that my Ajax script was badly configured and set to refresh every 750ms! xD
Should be an easy fix from my side. Appreciate the help from both of you.