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can infinityfree hosting site shut down because of high traffic? what is number of high traffic that can shut down free infinityfree hosting.
thank you.

Yes, high traffic sites are frequently shut down. We do this because high traffic sites generate a lot of load on the servers, which will negatively impact the performance of the servers and all the websites on it. To ensure everyone gets a fair share of the server power and good performance, we have to restrict how much power an individual account can use.

To learn more about which limits we have and what they mean, please see the “Fair Usage Limits” category on https://infinityfree.net/support/


Q1 Will this hosting be useful for blogging and running ads on site. Or I should not place ads in my site because high traffic can shut down it.
Q2 publishing regularly content in my website still can shut down it.
Q3 updraft plugin is not making backup to that site.as some issues in this hosting.

Thank you.

There are plenty of people here who host blogs and put ads on their sites without any problems. High traffic sites can be a problem, but how exactly do you figure that blogging or ads cause high traffic?

It won’t get shut down for inactivity if you post regular content, but it could of course still be shut down for high traffic.

But again, I don’t understand why regular posting and high traffic are related. Sites can have many posts and little traffic, or few posts with lots of traffic.

Backup plugins are very unreliable in my experience, especially with the script time limits and file size limits present on free hosting. The best way to make a backup is to do so the old fashioned way: by making a copy of the WordPress files and making a database dump:


And unlike backup plugins, this method does not consume any CPU power or memory of your account’s quota, so creating a backup won’t reduce the number of visitors your site can receive.

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Thanks I understand all. What you consider high traffic.means if 15000 visitor in a day in a website. Will you consider it high for your hosting.

As you can see in the list of articles in the knowledge base, we don’t restrict page views, visits or visitors explicitly. So nobody can tell you exactly how many of those your website will be able to handle, because there are a lot of factors which influence this.

But 15 000 visitors is definitely what I would consider a high traffic website, and getting so many visitors will likely cause you to hit some limits.

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