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The new css file does not work. I tried to change the location of the files, but all the same, new styles are not connected, although everything is specified correctly in the files. feeling that it starts from a hidden backup. If you can remove everything I added and I’ll try again tomorrow
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What do you mean with:

What did you expect to see and what do you actually see?

If you updated the CSS file and the changes are not visible, then your browser has likely cached the old CSS file. If you check your website in private browsing mode, you should see the new version of your code.


thank you for responding.I tried to delete the cache from the browser and did not help and then just changed the location of the css file where the site itself worked and what the problem was I did not understand. if you have any more problems, I will write to you.

Could you backup the current file and delete it from the server? And rename the new file to the old file name?

There is no “hidden backup” on the server. This “hidden backup” you were looking at is stored on YOUR computer in the cache of your web browser.

Changing the URL is a good way to bust the cache of a file. Browsers cache stuff based on their URL. So if you upload the new file as a new URL, the browser doesn’t know that it’s just a new version of the same asset.

That’s also why assets on this forum have URLs like https://forum.infinityfree.com/stylesheets/desktop_6_9418b7a8395f5b2c03add123a9f560a7f0ecdf55.css. That random junk in the URL is changed whenever the forum is updated.

Deleting any old files and renaming the new files to the old path won’t work because of this. Browsers will just think “hey, I recognize that old URL, I still know what’s on that URL so I don’t have to download it again”.


The problem was in the browser cache (the answer of the admin).

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