Hi, i have made a word press website. I was getting my website is ready to screen but as i read through the forum people told me to delete the index 2 file but my page now has all the directories and i want to know how to get rid of it and publish my website. please help asap

If you see a list of directories, that usually means the website wasn’t published correctly.

Did you install WordPress through Softaculous? Then maybe this article applies to your issue: https://infinityfree.net/support/my-website-installed-with-softaculous-doesnt-open/

Yes i did can you help me with this please can you tell me what i need to do my domain is http://venturery.ml/ please help

as i cant move the files from my end as it keeps failing


You have two options to fix this. You can:

f you just installed the script, you can just delete the old installation, go back to Softaculous and install it again with the right directory. Double and triple check the “Directory” field in Softaculous, it should be empty if you don’t want a subdirectory!

softaculous - if you want to uninstall
on the toolbar (up right) the box icon is located (the mouse above that icon will write “all installations”)
click it
and then https://softaculous.com/docs/How_to_remove_a_installation

will this delete the data oin the website

but I do not know what kind of data you have
because when I visit http://venturery.ml/wp/
I see only some beginner attempt to create a website (5 min work)
for all others I get error 404

if you want to backup before doing anything else
uses FTP for files and https://infinityfree.net/support/how-to-migrate-your-website/

also htaccess file need a DOT in front of name (because this is a system file and must be hidden)
correct .htaccess

where should i install it. where is the directory

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