Hi my got account got suspended and now I cant delete my domain

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message


Other Information

I was suspended because I didnt know I coudnt set a paypal account on my website but still want to use my domain for support website :slight_smile:

For what is it suspended?

for adding paypal
Your account was suspended for abuse.

I dont get it that its a abuse tag

Then write support ticket explaining what is your website for etc…
They should unsuspend it for you.


already did I asked why the suspended me but now I cant do it again

i do not understand what do you mean


It isn’t a crime to use PayPal on your website. Did you ask the support staff why you were suspended? Please share what they said and we might be able to explain it in more detail for you.


For security reasons, a domain that is assigned to a suspended account cannot be removed or used on another account. After all, if we find someone doing bad things, we don’t want to give them the tools to immediately setup a new account with the same domain so they can continue to do their bad things there.

I read the tickets and I think the explanations you’ve been provided there are quite clear. You may not agree with them, but all we can do here is help you understand. We can’t change the outcome here.

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