Hi, I need to create temporary table in my site but when it runs on server it shown access denied

Username (e.g. epiz_32337641

) or Website URL


Error Message

(Access denied for user ‘epiz_32337641’@‘192.168.%’ to database ‘epiz_32337641_ospos’

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ospos_sales_items_taxes_temp (INDEX(sale_id), INDEX(item_id)) ENGINE=MEMORY ( SELECT sales_items_taxes.sale_id AS sale_id, sales_items_taxes.item_id AS item_id, sales_items_taxes.line AS line, SUM(ROUND(sales_items_taxes.item_tax_amount,2)) AS tax FROM ospos_sales_items_taxes AS sales_items_taxes INNER JOIN ospos_sales AS sales ON sales.sale_id = sales_items_taxes.sale_id INNER JOIN ospos_sales_items AS sales_items ON sales_items.sale_id = sales_items_taxes.sale_id AND sales_items.line = sales_items_taxes.line WHERE DATE(sale_time) BETWEEN ‘2022-08-10’ AND ‘2022-08-10’ GROUP BY sale_id, item_id, line )

Filename: models/reports/Summary_report.php

Line Number: 61)

Other Information

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