Hi i embed a discord chat(widget)


Basicly before i putted my whole website on your platform i could use my chat perfectly without a problem but after that i have put it here it started to give me that error and i think this is weird is there anyway to fix it? if there is tell me plzzzz c: thank you in advance

Chat scripts are not allowed in InfinityFree hosting. They take up too much power on the host computers. If you want to host chat scripts, you will need a new hosting provider.

Note: Chat scripts are also not allowed on premium hosting, so upgrading will not fix your problem.


ok thank you for the information is there any other site free that u would recomend me that supports chat scripts?

Free hosts? I don’t believe any of them allow chat scripts because of the server power they consume. BlueHost should allow this, but they only have paid plans.

alright thank you

No problem, if you could mark my answer above as a solution, it would be appreciated. :slight_smile: Glad I could help you out!

Hmm, Do you actually mean hosting the chat script here but just putting an embed of your discord server on your website? If you mean second one then it is actually allowed @Greenreader9 @PhiLip20000

And if the page name which contains your widget has the name chat then you cannot visit it, better rename it to something else.


Just for my own clarification here,
So if the chat script is hosted by discord, embedding the discord chat in the website is allowed, and the name of the widget containing the discord chat is what could be causing the 403 error? Thanks.

Yeah exactly


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