Hi, how do I access my website?

Forgive me since I am a complete beginner in hosting.
I have uploaded a PHP file to htdocs, but I have no clue how to run or access the webpage.

Username epiz_31907584

Website URL byyubkfo.epizy.com - when I open this, it just says suspended domain
http://codeanalysis.freecluster.eu - when I open this, it just refreshes without end

Please let me know what I did wrong, any kind of help is appreciated.


Does not exist. You can create it and add it to your account using the control panel.

I see a directory listing.

You are going to want to rename that file to index.php

And try clearing your cache to fix the reloading issue.


So I still do not understand, what should I do to run the php page?

Visit http://codeanalysis.freecluster.eu/index2.php


I see, it works thank you!


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