Hi, how can I have a forum like this?

Hello, how can I have a forum like this? If someone answers my question, I would really appreciate it

yea, discourse.org. Its open source if you host it yourself similar to wordpress


Thank you so much!

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plz change topic to informal

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How do I do that?

you Might have done that when you were writing this topic, i did it for you instead.


Thank you!

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Is there any free method?

It’s completely free as long as you host it yourself though last I checked it still couldn’t be installed on normal web hosting. Please correct me if I’m wrong


You cannot use discourse on this hosting. Ruby on Rails programming language is required and Ruby on Rails is not supported in this hosting.


Its not so much that the software needs Ruby, but more about the resources. Discourse is highly recomended to use on a VPS as it can eat at server resources very quickly.


Not only Ruby On Rails, it requires some more in the backend like redis,postgresql and much more.
tbh I would recommend Flarum, it was nightmare for me to debug some invalid errors in discourse.(and had to install it from start )

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Discourse only officially supports an installation with Docker using their own installer scripts. So for the best experience you’ll need a VPS.


Discourse is free. It has a git repo. I wouldn’t use discourse if it isn’t hosted on a VPS or cloud hosting.


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