Hi all

Hello , i want know if the stuff accept me for create on website like this :

Someting like YouTube
I want just know if is enny problem for don’t work and after suspend me !
If all work good i will play and the Premium Hosting !

Thank you


You are not allowed to host video sharin/file hosting/hosting and other type sharing services on our free and even Premium hosting. For those kinds of purposes you can upload your videos to other services and simply embed them into your site.

Even though Premium hosting has more features and is more advanced we still do not allow full-scale hosting on it. It’s fine if you upload few video files on there like for background animation or small intro, but when you store the files on your account it is not allowed unfortunately…

Hope this cleared some things out. Your best hope is finding specialised VPS hosting and get many servers that will host your files which is going to cost you few hundreds of dollars a month in best case.

I can understand the feeling of wanting to have your own video sharing site just like YouTube, but one must understand that to make a fully functional, working one you need to also benefit from it to pay the hosting expenses…