Hi admins can i get a backup of my filea

Hi guys ,Admins
My website was supended an the reason
Your account was suspended because you hit the Hits Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 23 hours from now.

Don’t want to wait any longer? iFastNet can migrate your website quickly and for free, even if your account is suspended!

But now i want a backup of my files because it’s contains a important data
Can any Admin help me with a backup link
And how i can chat with support team

There are two ways you get get a backup.

  1. Wait until the suspension is over, than download the files.

  2. Upgrade to premium, migrate your account, and download the files.

If you don’t want to pay, option one is the only option.

In the future, always have a backup of your site. That way, you will always have a copy of your files, and you won’t loose anything if the server crashes or gets corrupted.


Thank U :heart_eyes:


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