Hey people Im going try to renovate my website using php/mysql scripts

Hey people I’m going try to renovate my website using php/mysql scripts, I backed up my old html code and css

great :+1:


What do you need help on about it???

I need help shell exec php is disabled I’m using the deepsound soundcloud php/mysql script


You will need to use a different script or move to a host that supports that function as it is disabled on free hosting.


How do I find sql username sql password and hostname?

You can find them under the “MySQL Databases” section of your hosting account management menu on the Client Area.


I’m getting 500 error after i click om install and the account I created doesn’t work im using deep sound script hmm I might have to move to a different script anyone know a free good music sharing php/mysql script

Not software, but just use SoundCloud and embed the music on an HTML page.


SoundCloud costs money if I run out of space, I’m getting on php/mysql 500 page not working on scripts I tried another script same error

You get 3 hours worth of music for free. How much are you trying to upload? Free servers are not really meant for file sharing in the first place.

You can always upload to YouTube and embed from there as well.


If you need help setting up DeepSound, maybe you can use the 1 year of support you got when you purchased the license?

DeepSound costs money regardless of how much you store.

Unless you didn’t purchase the software and downloaded some illegal copy instead. If so, know that that’s illegal, and that we do not tolerate illegal activities on our hosting.


another alternate place is to upload to github and embed the ‘raw’ links


I see im going to search for free scripts, is this good?

I am getting

I installed XAMPP and Im testing free scripts one by one

there is also wordpress :slight_smile: I use free scripts, never use illegal stuff

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I might try php/mysql wordpress didn’t work out for me

I need help the Music Player is php/mysql I found works fine on my localhost but when I upload it to Infinityfree the script says 500 page not found also I get 403 forbidden, the player is free I checked This mp3 player